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Compound Lifts and Understanding Body Mechanics

Our workshops are designed to cater to individuals ranging from beginners to dedicated strength training enthusiasts. Level up your training with us as we deep dive into the fundamentals of proper movement mechanics, ensuring safe and effective weightlifting practices. Optimise your training program and lifting technique to get maximal results from your training.


Date: 27th & 28th Jan 2024 (completed)

Time: 0900 – 1700

Class Size: 16 pax (Min 8 pax for workshop to run)


Course Overview

  1. Deconstructing Major Lifts
    In-depth analysis and breakdown of three key lifts: squat, bench press, deadlift.

  2. Warm-Up Protocols
    Understanding and implementing warm-up routines to enhance movement quality and minimise injury risks.

  3. Fundamentals of Body Anatomy
    Exploring essential anatomical knowledge pertinent to effective strength training.

  4. Exercise Selection and Programming
    Strategies for selecting appropriate exercises and structuring effective training programs.

  5. Targeting Muscles Effectively
    Insight into the methods of targeting specific muscle groups for maximum results.

  6. Optimizing Technique for Strength Gains
    Detailed guidance on correct lifting techniques to optimise strength progression.

  7. Addressing Complex Movement Issues
    Identifying and solving intricate movement-related challenges for enhanced performance.

  8. Program Design Principles
    Learning how to confidently create programs incorporating exercise selection, reps, sets, rest periods, and training frequency.

  9. Q&A Session
    Opportunity for participants to engage in a Q&A with our expert team, addressing individual queries and concerns.

Not sure if this workshop is right for you? Drop us a message at contact@empwr-training.com!

Past Workshops


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Had an intense session today with a helpful trainer! He shared many tips to improve my form. Highly recommended!!
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Jermyn was very clear and wary of our movement, it helped alot to get the correct posture during the session. Will be sharing my experience with my friends to join along, tiring but fruitful workout!
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Jermyn was very friendly, super encouraging and patient in guiding us throughout the class!
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The trainer was very patient and professional. Focused heavily on correct forms for effective exercise.
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Very knowledgeable and friendly trainer. Went real in-depth on how to help my form.
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Friendly and clear instructor, with a focus on form.
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Well-structured and the small class allowed for good focus on form and technique. Coach was patient as well and provided variations for injuries/strength levels.


Are there any pre-requisites for this workshop?

Nope! This workshop is for anyone who is passionate and interested to learn safe and effective lifting techniques!

What happens if I suddenly can’t make it on the day itself?

Unfortunately, all fees paid are non-refundable but you may transfer your slot to someone else. Drop us an email at contact@empwr-training.com to notify us on who will be taking over your slot.

I’m having trouble with payment on the website, is there another way I can register?

Drop us an email at contact@empwr-training.com and we will provide you with an UEN to make your payment and to confirm your registration.

Is there anything I need to bring?

Notes and writing materials will be provided. Bring along your workout attire and gear for practical activity

Will lunch/snacks be provided?

No food will be provided. You may bring your own food or purchase from the many food options nearby. Designated lunch and toilet breaks will be allocated during the workshop. 

If I’m injured, can I still attend the seminar?

Yes, absolutely! Just inform our team of any injuries, or pre-existing injuries you might have prior to the seminar. Necessary arrangement can be made. It is not mandatory to perform any physical exercise.

What happens if the minimum number of pax is not met?

Refunds will be issued to you if the minimum number of pax (8 pax) is not met. The cut off date for the purchase of tickets to our workshop is 20th January 2024.