Personal Training

Personal Training

Customised training and nutrition programs

At EMPWR, we believe in sustainable transformations. Our dedicated team of trainers will provide and see you through carefully tailored programs based on your unique strengths and fitness goals.

Our programs are holistic – building on the fundamentals of proper lifting form and technique, while providing you with the nutritional guidance needed to achieve your goals. 

We would love to see you thrive both in and out of the gym, and are committed to providing a safe and judgement-free space for you to learn, be inspired, and train hard. The journey is different for everyone and we’ll walk alongside you as you become the healthiest and strongest version of yourself.

What to Expect


Your first session includes a full assessment to understand your goals, background, and needs. By understanding you better, it enables us to craft a sustainable transformation program that caters to your specific lifestyle and commitments. Whether you’re looking to lose or gain weight, rehabilitate and strengthen from an injury, or simply to build more muscle, we’ll show you the way.


Our guided programs take you through and reinforce the fundamentals of proper lifting form and technique to build your strength and confidence. As you progress, we will deconstruct major compound movements and work towards enhancing your mastery of different exercises and movements.


We believe designing sustainable training programs ensures your safety and long-term success. Our trainers provide careful guidance and attention to detail to your form and movements to help you progress injury-free. We also take note of your past injuries to work around any limitations and help you regain mobility in weaker areas.


Proper nutrition is a critical part of training as it supports your growth and recovery. Our trainers will help you better understand your body’s needs and craft a sustainable nutrition plan that is inline with your goals.


We believe empowering you to take control of your own health and fitness is key to achieving your goals. We strive not only to educate and provide you with information, but also to provide support and encouragement as you continue to thrive both in and out of the gym. 

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Book Free Trial

Start your 12-week transformation journey

Our personal training free trial is a non-obligatory session for us to get to know you and your goals better. We’ll do assessments on your fitness and posture, a health questionnaire, and provide some nutritional guidance to get you started.

We understand that embarking on a new journey can be scary and difficult, and we’re here to make it as approachable and enjoyable as possible. We’re more than happy to answer all your burning questions, so feel free to ask away during this 60-minute session.

    Are you currently suffering from any medical condition, illness, or injury?*

      Are you currently suffering from any medical condition, illness, or injury?*